Best websites to learn to play musical instruments

pianoThe internet is an infinite source of knowledge: on the net everyone can find exactly what they are looking for, from information to history without forgetting the news. The internet has also lots of possibilities for those who are looking to learn to play a musical instrument.

Starting with, the website offers free audio and video guitar lessons. Run by Justin, he believes in a “honour system”: basically he does not ask money to teach how to play guitar asking instead for a donation (if a user can afford it).  On the website is possible to learn playing technique, chords, scales, arpeggios and much more, everything is needed to start to play and amuse doing it.

For those who like piano, offers more than 50 free lessons of various levels of difficulty.  Each lesson is accompanied by animations, so the user can have a visual look at what he should do to play the same way. The website also propose more than 60 downloadable sheet music which can be very useful to learn to play piano.

Do you think both guitar and piano are too quite? Would you like to play drum?  Thanks to you can have free resources for drummers, both newbies who are playing for the first time and experts who would like to discover new way to “make noise”. Step-by-step training and video lessons accompanies the user through the “drum world”. To get inspiration, the website offers also a section with bios of famous drummers, such as Alex Acuna and Gavin Harrison.