The best European seminars and courses to learn to play

European-seminarsDo you like music and would like to improve your abilities to play your favourite instruments? There is no better way to do it by taking part in a physical course as you can have a comparison with teachers who can give you personalized tips based on your way to play. Physics courses are far better than online ones from this point of view, as the internet cannot substitute the physical presence of a “real” course or seminar.

Among the best European seminars and courses to learn to play we can see those organized by “The Institute”, a foundation based in London UK that organize courses that suits every needs: from part-time to full-time including Summer Schools, a variety of courses is the main strength point of this institute. Students can learn to play guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass, drums or how to write a good song. “The Institute” organize course to be graduated, among the others, in Music Business, song writing and Popular Music Performance.

Based in London too, the London Guitar Academy is the finest course to learn to play this instrument. Kids Guitar Lessons, one-to-one lessons or specialist classes, offer in terms of courses is very strong.

For those who does not live in England but are looking for an English guitar course, the English Guitar School in Paris is the right one. Main teacher is Ryan Naylor, English speaking musician specialized in pop, folk and rock but able to teach every style of guitar, such as fingerstyle, jazz, metal and blues.